The Lolly Shop

The Lolly Shop


The Lolly Shop has been providing yummy old fashioned sweets to its customers for over twenty five years. Located adjacent to Adore Tea in Federation Square at Gold Creek Village we are open every day from 10am to 5pm.

With over 700 lines to choose from you would have to be very hard to please not to find something to your liking amongst the vast array of sweets on offer. We carry an extensive range of candy from the USA, UK, Europe and Australia. So whether you’re after Jelly Babies, a Gobstopper, Jelly Belly, Pop Tarts, Reese’s or Hershey’s Chocolates, Dutch Salty Licorice, Boiled Sweets, Dr Pepper, Dolly Mixture, Sherbet Lemons or Licorice Allsorts, just to name a few, you’ll find them all in the one convenient location THE LOLLY SHOP.

We are expanding our range constantly so be prepared that next time you visit you will have thoughts of, “How many more sweets can they possibly fit into their store?”

We always look forward to our customers visits, even if it is only for a chat.

 10am – 5pm (7 days)

 Federation Square, O’Hanlon Place, Nicholls 2913

 +61 2 6230 2556


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